Slash Your Harvesting Costs! 


Eliminate Labor Related Headaches!


Harvest Your Asparagus For Less Than 10 cents per pound!



The Geiger-Lund Model 24 series of asparagus harvesters can bring your harvesting costs down to below 10 cents per pound!


Reduce or eliminate labor expenses and problems!


A three row machine harvesting at 3mph on a field with 60 inch row centers can harvest about 5-1/2 acres

per hour or about 110 acres in 20 hours.


According to a UC Extension Service document from 2013, a man can harvest about 1/2 acre per hour. 


At 1/2 acre per hour per man, 10 men can harvest 5 acres per hour.  So if the 100 acres has to be cut every

day, it would take 20 men working 10 hours, or 10 men working 20 hours in one day.


With a Geiger-Lund Model 24-3, three row harvester, you could harvest the 100 acres in 20 hours with only two tractor drivers!


One three row machine and two tractor drivers replaces 20 manual laborers!



Illustration of the header:































The flanges on either side of the front of the header allow for multiple headers to be ganged together and operate as a one, two, or three row harvester.


The tractor must be able to supply 3 gallons per minute for the hydraulics on each header to run the pickup rollers and the conveyor.  A three row machine would need about 10 gallons per minute for the hydraulics.


Header Specifications and Details


Two Header Configuration (two row harvester) - Estimated price: $78,000.


The Geiger-Lund model OR-24 header can be used to configure a two row harvester by simply ganging two headers together via the flanges on the front of the header.



Illustration of a tractor-pull 2-row harvester.


Illustration of a three row harvester with a 3 point hitch.  Estimated price: $115,000.








Watch a movie clip of one of our prototype

harvesters in Pasco Washington