Introducing the Geiger-Lund Model GL-24 selective asparagus harvester!


Model GL-24 for 24 inch wide beds       

Asparagus Harvester Picture


Model GL-24 Specifications:


  • Estimated Price: $119,000.00
  • Maximum Harvesting Speed: 3 to 5 mph. 
  • Estimated Yield:  75% or more. 
  • Ground level cut, plus or minus an inch 
  • Spear length 8" to 10" green - user selectable
  • Cutting width: 24 inches
  • Weight: 6,000 pounds
  • Length: 18 feet
  • Width: 18 feet
  • Tire Center-to-center: 60 inches or greater
  • Requires 20 horsepower from the tractor PTO


  • Clean spears - Spears are lifted straight up with no dirt on the stalk or the butt
  • Machine does not damage spears - Same quality as hand harvested (Study by Washington State University)
  • Works on flat ground or raised beds.
  • Simple machine, simple to use, and simple to maintain or repair.

Changes and improvements to the harvester since the last Washington State University Field Evaluation

The last time we ran one of our prototypes for Washington State University to field test was in 2007, and we have made a number of changes and

improvements to the design since then. 


Here is an outline of the improvements we've made that will be included in the next harvester that we build.


Improved Optical Spear Detector
                Switched to a beam-break type system - Simpler and more reliable

Optical speedometer
                More accurate - better cutting - improved yield
                No moving parts - More reliable
                Eliminates timing adjustments

Improved air cylinders 
                Smaller bore for better stroke length repeatability - less collateral damage - better yield
                Permanently lubricated
                Designed for extremely rugged conditions
                Reduced blade width - less collateral damage
                More Cylinder Info

Improved conveyors
                V-belt guided - won't run off pulleys

Eliminated pendant controls
                Simpler harvester operation
                Improved reliability

Eliminated V-belt from compressor
                Fewer parts - better reliability
                Eliminates an adjustment

Eliminated V-belt from alternator
                Fewer parts for better reliability
                Eliminates an adjustment

Redesigned Air Distribution System
                Shorter port hoses - improved cylinder response - less collateral damage
                Added Check valves - improved stroke repeatability - less collateral damage
                Independent air valve supply lines - improved stroke repeatability - less collateral damage
                Electronic air regulation - Tight regulation for better repeatability - less collateral damage

                More About Air Plumbing

Simplified Header Height Control
                Only one moving part - better reliability
                Analog sensor makes for more accurate bed height tracking - better cutting - improved yield
                Simpler adjustment



This is a clip of our harvester at work in Pasco Washington in 2007. This

clip shows pretty clearly how the machine functions.  Notice how

much white is on the bottom of the spears - we were cutting pretty deep!