Introducing the Geiger-Lund Model HW-24 and Model HW-48 selective asparagus harvesters!



Drawing of the Geiger Lund Selective Mechanical Asparagus Harvester drawing of a machine for harvesting asparagus Mechanical vegetable harveser - asparagus
Model HW-24  24" wide beds

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Model HW-48   48" wide beds


More Information HW-48

Model HW-24-D   Demonstrator

With 1 header only.  $58,000

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Model HW-24 for 24 inch wide beds       

Selective asparagus harvester - 3 row machine for 24 inch wide beds


Model HW-24 Specifications:


  • Estimated Price: $119,000.00
  • Maximum Harvesting Speed: 3 to 5 mph. About the harvesting speed...
  • Estimated Yield:  75% or more.  About the yield...
  • Ground level cut, plus or minus an inch  More about cutting depth
  • Spear length 8" to 10" green - user selectable cutting height
  • Cutting width: 24 inches
  • Weight: 6,000 pounds
  • Length: 18 feet
  • Width: 18 feet
  • Tire Center-to-center: 60 inches or greater
  • Requires 20 horsepower from the tractor PTO


  • Clean spears - Spears are lifted straight up with no dirt on the stalk or the butt
  • Machine does not damage spears - Same quality as hand harvested (Study by Washington State University)
  • Works on flat ground or raised beds. (Raised beds require a different axle)
  • Simple machine, simple to use, and simple to maintain or repair.


The Geiger Lund Model HW-24

Asparagus often needs to be harvested on a daily basis and if you are using a mechanical harvester, it

needs to be ultra-reliable. If there is a breakdown of some sort it needs to be fixable quickly!

We believe we have developed such a machine.  Our harvester is very simple, easy to operate, and

low maintenance. 



Operating the harvester is simple.  The tractor driver has a pendant with two buttons on it. One button is

marked "UP" and the other is marked "DOWN".  The up button raises the headers for making turns at

the ends of the beds etc.  The down button lowers the headers.


Engage the PTO on the tractor. The pickup rollers and conveyors will begin turning unless they have been
turned off at the flow controls. If they are off, open the flow controls a couple of turns to get things going.


Next flip up the power switch located on the electrical box on the left header tool bar.  The header

will immediately rise to it's uppermost position and the air compressor will begin compressing air. After

the air tank reaches full pressure you can begin harvesting by pressing the "down" button on the pendant. The

headers will lower to harvesting position and all you need to do is drive forward.


Now begin harvesting and watch the blades.  If the blade hits the ground in front of the spear then the

header is set too low. If the blade cuts the spear too high up on the stalk, then the header is set too high. 

The bed height is adjusted by moving the sensor on the front of the center header in or out. Unless the

asparagus beds are table-top flat, the header will be constantly adjusting it's height, and so the cut will vary

somewhat from spear to spear.  Some will be cut a little high, and some will be cut below the ground, depending

on the header height at that given moment. 


There is a stroke length adjustment knob located in the electrical box on the left hand header tool bar.  If the blades

do not reach out far enough to cut through the spears, then adjust the stroke length until it does.  You want to use as

short a stroke length as you can, but still cut completely through the spears.



This is a clip of our harvester at work in Pasco Washington in 2007. This

clip shows pretty clearly how the machine functions.  Notice how

much white is on the bottom of the spears - we were cutting pretty deep!